Verizon Prepaid to Carry Moto E 2nd Gen

Verizon prepaid has joined Cricket, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile in announcing that it, too, will be carrying the LTE-enabled, second generation Moto E. This smart little device will be sold in Verizon stores for $100, and while the device is definitely an entry-level phone, it does have some pretty decent specs and prices. The new Moto E is the low-end device in the Moto family, with G and X being the middle and top, respectively. The device was launched at the end of February and is now available on three out of four main networks in the US. Some of the changes and upgrades to the second generation of the Moto E include a front camera, a quad-core processor, LTE support, a slightly bigger screen, several Moto features like a quick launch for the camera and Android Lollipop OS. Here’s a pretty neat unboxing and first peek at the Moto E that Droid Life posted on their article: ]]>

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