Rumors of Virgin Mobile layoffs greatly exaggerated

Virgin Mobile job cut story. How could you cut two-thirds of your staff and still expect to operate? So it comes as no surprise that those rumors simply are not true. Jane Wallace, vice president of corporate communications at Virgin Mobile, sets the record straight: “The bottom line is, we have made no final determinations and therefore it’s premature to speculate as to any details, numbers or specifics.” More from Ms. Wallace after the jump. “Focused on continuing to expand, Virgin Mobile is always exploring ways in which we can be more productive and effective. We are reviewing our growth strategy for the next several years, and are therefore looking at a number of options with regard to our technology operations and partnerships including the possibility of reshaping or outsourcing the IT division. The mobile industry changes rapidly and anything that serves to enhance technological capabilities is a positive step toward future growth.” So consider the rumor quashed.]]>

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