Virgin Mobile Changes Unlimited Line

Virgin Mobile has made some pretty major changes to their Beyond Unlimited plans today. Originally, there were three plan choices, all of which included 2.5 GB of high speed data and unlimited throttled, unlimited text messages and a set amount of voice minutes. With this new structure, the data amounts have been reduced on several plans, a new plan with no data has been introduced and the highest plan has international minutes added. Here’s the breakdown:

Price Minutes Text Data Int’l Minutes Change
 $20  300 Unlimited None  None New Plan
 $35  Unlimited Unlimited 250 MB 4G speed Unlimited throttled  None 2.5 GB to 250 MB 300 min to Unlimited
 $45 Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB 4G speed Unlimited throttled  100 minutes 2.5 GB to 1 GB 1200 min to Unlimited + Int’l minutes
 $55 Unlimited Unlimited 3 GB 4G Unlimited throttled  100 minutes  2.5 GB to 3 GB + Int’l minutes
As I said… some good, some bad. The addition of international minutes is nice, and the 100 minutes in the $45 and $55 plans are available for around 70 countries (landlines only). But, if you are on one of the plans whose data was reduced, you should be grandfathered as long as you don’t switch phones or plans.]]>

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