Voyager Mobile Shutting Down

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In yet another chapter in the story of MVNOs that rise and fall, Sprint MVNO Voyager Mobile has announced that it is officially throwing in the towel. To avoid losing phone numbers, customers will need to port out before the shutdown date, which is Wednesday September 9, 2015 at 11 p.m. EST. If you do not port your number before the shutdown date will not lose service but also lose their phone numbers. To port a phone number to a different carrier, you’ll need:
  • Voyager account name
  • Billing address
  • Account Number
  • Account PIN (call Voyager customer service to get PIN)
Voyager Mobile is actually only about four years old and previously had plans ranging from $35 – $70. While they were a great deal when launched, the MVNO market (especially on the Sprint network) is pretty competitive and the plan options quickly became outpaced. Unlike other MVNOs that have abruptly closed without warning, it looks like Voyager is actually trying to give customers enough notice to get their numbers and port out. If you have any questions about porting your number, the service or anything else, you can contact Voyager Customer Service representatives at 1-855-33-VOYAGER (1-855-338-6924-37) or email them at If you are happy with Sprint’s network and want to use your Sprint device, check out our list of Sprint MVNOs for some options of companies to try.]]>

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