Walmart Family Mobile Ups T-Mobile Data

Walmart and T-Mobile made a joint announcement yesterday that will give customers on the $30 and $40 per month plans an increase in the value of the service. Starting immediately, all customers will be getting an additional 500 MB of data at no additional charge when their monthly plans next renew Here’s what the two Walmart Family Mobile monthly plans look like right now:
  • $29.88 – Unlimited talk, text and low speed data, 1 GB 4G LTE (formerly 500 MB)
  • $39.88 – Unlimited talk, text and low speed data, 3 GB 4G LTE (formerly 2.5 GB)
There is also a $25/month plan available that includes no data and was not changed. Unlike most of the carriers that we cover here at Prepaid Reviews, Walmart Family Mobile is actually a postpaid, no-contract MVNO that uses T-Mobile’s network. However, as there are not any overages it basically acts very similar to a traditional prepaid, with the exception that you’re paying at the end of the service month instead of beginning. For more information Walmart Family ¬†Mobile, visit a Walmart store near you, or check out the website. Personally, I find the website a little complicated to navigate, so going in to the store might be a better bet.]]>