Stop Candy Crush Before it's Too Late!


Friends, today I am here to tell you about a blight lingering our devices; hiding in the form of cheerful, bright, sweet candied goodness. This scourge of an app has invaded more than 100 thousand smartphones nationwide since its launch a couple of years ago. While the game has dropped in popularity somewhat, more and more devices are still being infected every single day. It might look like a sweet, fun and innocent pleasure at first but make no mistake: this app is filled with corruption and will leave nothing but devastation in its sugary wake. The app we’re referring to is, of course, none other than the app Candy Crush, and we must stop it before it’s too late! Our research shows that the use of the game Candy Crush has been linked with several negative side effects including addiction, financial ruin, injury and seclusion!

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While some doubt the evidence of smartphone addiction, the game Candy Crush is clearly an addictive, sugary game that has caused thousands of people to waste time, annoy friends and maybe even seen phantom candy at night! Here’s a terrifying quote from a real Candy Crush fan, posted on the reviews portion of a download platform:

“Id heard of it and thought it was sooo stupid. Kept getting invites and was sooo annoyed. Tried it and am sooo addicted. I see candy when I close my eyes.”

Just read through the reviews on Google Play and you’ll be amazed at how many poor souls use the word ‘addictive’ in their positive reviews.

candy-crush-livesFinancial Ruin

Though the game itself is free to download, users can purchase lives, special candies, additional moves and plenty of other things for actual cash. These micro transactions seem as sweet and innocent as the rest of this charming game, but they can add up really fast. Some users have reported spending upwards of $200 in a single month on the game! We don’t have any statistics on how many people lost their homes or familes over Candy Crush addiction, but financial ruin is only a few clicks away! You must beware!


Playing Candy Crush is not only dangerous to your finances, but also to yourself! Yesterday, several news sites reported that a man ruptured the tendon in his left thumb after playing Candy Crush for two months nearly nonstop. He was so addicted he didn’t even realize anything was wrong. Several doctors said that he should have noticed extreme pain prior to the ruptured tendon, but that because of his addiction he likely wasn’t even aware.

In fact, some are saying that Candy Crush might be the new ‘Blackberry thumb’ and that users must be cautious at all times! Personally, we think it’s probably best to steer clear to protect your thumbs!

As you can see, Candy Crush is clearly a danger to your health and possibly to the health of the general public as well. Unless you really, really don’t like someone, steer clear of this app and protect your children! No phone is safe! Alternatively, you can stealth download the app to your enemies’ phones and cackle in glee as they become hopelessly addicted to the swiping, candy-exploding graphics. You can find out more and download the game to your victim’s phone here. Are you a recovering Candy Crush addict? Do you love the game? Tell me about it in the comments!  ]]>

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