Google MVNO App Leaked


If there’s one thing that tech and science nerds love more than new technologies and services, it’s rumors about new technologies and services. But it’s cool; I’m just as guilty of it as anyone else, so when I read about a new leaked app that was made for Google’s MVNO, I kind of had to share. I’m sure I don’t have to preface this with the fact that these are really not more than conjecture right now, but most of these developments are actually pretty sweet, and I’m rather hoping that there is some basis in truth. This latest round of rumors comes from Android Police, who somehow managed to get their hands on a leaked app Google is working on for its new MVNO service. And, being the clever people that they are, they immediately began to dissect the code to see what could be found. Here’s an overview of what they found:
  • The app itself is code named Tycho, and it refers to “Nova” which is believed to be the name of the MVNO service, and “Project Fi” which Android Police speculates might be a code name for the service.
  • The app has the following functions: pay bill, manage usage, adjust plan details, activate service, request new number
  • Google may be planning on charging by the GB for its service, with customers able to buy additional data mid-service for the same price per GB.
  • The service should support data-only plans for tablets
  • The service will support multiple lines
  • The service will offer shared data between multiple lines
  • Customers will be able to reroute calls between multiple devices without having to switch out a SIM card. This is done through “Project Fi” but sounds an awful lot like Google Hangouts to me.
  • The leaked app makes references to both T-Mobile and Sprint, further confirming their involvement
  • Project Fi will allow users to port their Google Voice number
  • The app will allow customers to finance a new Nexus 6, which will be supported. Some earlier rumors claimed the Nexus 6 would be the only phone supported. The app neither supports nor denies this.
  • Google will track call history of users to provide more relevant ads, using a program similar to that employed with YouTube and Gmail. Users should be able to opt out of this.
There still isn’t any information about exactly when the service will be launched, although experts are suggesting that I/O 2015, scheduled for May, is likely. There have also been rumors recently that Google will offer international roaming, but the new leaked app neither confirmed nor denied this. Personally, I’m not super excited about the idea of Google tracking call history, and I hope that the opt-out function (which is only mentioned on about half of the articles talking about the leak) is easy to locate. That would be a deal-breaker for me.]]>

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