Metro Pcs Prepaid Promotions and Plans

MetroPCS offers a number of prepaid wireless options for its consumers. There are three options, ranging from $40 a month to $60 a month. MetroPCS also offers frequent promotions to its customers to lower the cost of these prepaid plans.

The wireless plans offered by MetroPCS begin with the $40 option. Like all plans, this plan offers speeds up to 4G LTE as long as the phone is capable. This plan offers 500 MB of high –speed data. Based on that the user can get 5 hours of streaming music, .5 hours of video streaming, 100 photos, and 10 app or game downloads. The second plan is $40 and comes with 2.5 GB of data. This is equivalent to 15 hours of streaming music, 5 hours of video streaming, 300 photos, and 30 app or game downloads. The final plan Metro PCS offers is for $60 a month. This plan covers unlimited music, video, and downloads.

All of the MetroPCS options come with a variety of free services such as: unlimited talk, unlimited text, caller ID, call waiting, and visual voicemail. There is also the option of adding friends or family for just $5 a month per line. Another attribute of the MetroPCS system is that the consumer does not have to lock in to one particular plan. As the data usage rises, the extra charges are simply added on.

MetroPCS has a number of current promotions running. The first offers unlimited talk and text for just $25 a month. This promotion also gives the option to picture messaging for just another $5 a month. MetroPCS also offers International Long Distance (to Mexico and Latin America) for just $10 a month. There are a few promotions for buyers of specific phones also. Consumers who have the LG Optimus 9 can get a $70 mail in rebate and any customer who buys a 4G LTE phone can get up to $100 mail in rebate. Finally, a unique offer from MetroPCS rewards customers from transferring their phone number to MetroPCS with a $50 mail in rebate.

This combination of versatile pay-as-you-go options along with respectable promotions make MetroPCS an intriguing option for mobile customers.


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