Wednesday App Review: Brain It On!

Physics puzzle games are interesting not only because they require you to think differently, but because having to simulate strict laws of physics for action/reaction puzzles is quite challenging. While there is absolutely no shortage of physics puzzlers out there, Brain It On! is probably one of the better ones I’ve played. Much like basically every other physics game out there, players have to complete specific tasks using shapes and the laws of physics. Where Brain It On! is different is that users can actually draw the shapes to complete the puzzles. Any shape imaginable can be drawn, and there is more than one way to solve every puzzle. I have to admit that until I watched the gameplay video, I was skeptical. Good drawing games are hard to find. Of course, it should be noted that on a smaller screen (like, say, an older iPhone) I am unsure you’d really be able to play as easily, although I haven’t tried it. On my LG V10, it worked beautifully. The controls are good, the physics more or less make sense, and the puzzles are fun. There are literally dozens of different levels, including user-created levels, and the ability to challenge friends to the best score. The graphics are ridiculously simple, but I found the fewer distractions to be refreshing. It was easy to focus on the puzzle at hand without flashy graphics. Check out the gameplay video below for an idea of how the game works: There are ads in the game, but you can pay to have them removed. The ads themselves aren’t very intrusive and I found them to be easy to ignore. Nor did I feel pressured to pay money, which actually usually makes me more inclined to do so. All in all, Brain It On! is a delightful physics puzzler perfect for anyone who wants to expand their brain and think a little differently. The game can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store.]]>

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