Wednesday App Review: Colorfy


I have always thought that whoever it was that decided that coloring books were only for children was probably a very, very sad and boring person. Studies have shown that coloring can seriously help decrease stress and let’s face it–who isn’t stressed in today’s crazy fast-paced world? Why aren’t we all coloring way more often? Besides, it’s kind of fun, and as much as I never thought that I’d download a coloring app, the app Colorfy is probably one of the most adult-focused and fun coloring apps out there. I know what you’re thinking. A coloring app? Seriously? Well, yes, I am serious. Granted, this is coming from the daughter of an art teacher, but I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the drawing choices. You can color mandalas, animals, flowers, famous drawings, patterns or messages and then send them to friends and family or share on social media. Although, personally, I was far more interested in coloring the pictures than sending them to friends or plastering them all over social media, although I am pretty proud of my little Egyptian kitty:


Of course, the app itself isn’t perfect and it honestly didn’t translate super well to my phone even though it has a 5.5 inch screen. I think the creators probably had tablets in mind when designing some of the drawings–there’s absolutely no way I would even attempt a few of those on my phone–but even on a phone it is still enjoyable. The drawings are not vector, which means that sometimes you’ll get odd, tiny white squares which are really hard to color. You can see a few I was too lazy to color on the tips of the red sun rays in the image above. That’s pretty normal, and you can color them with some patience, but it would probably have been better if it wasn’t an issue. While the app is free to download and comes with a host of basic colors and several drawings, there are in-app purchases in the form of additional color palettes and even three different volumes of drawings. Each volume has several additional drawings in several categories. The volumes tend to run in the $2 range while the additional colors are around $4 a palette. I was extremely disappointed by the color limitations, but if you scroll through the palettes you’ll find that the app does give three free palettes to use which include the basic colors and some shades. Colorfy was a lot of fun and with zooming the functionality for smartphones is definitely there, but I can’t say I’d recommend spending any money if your screen is less than six or seven inches across. For tablets, it’s definitely worth the money and the app does save your work so you can go back to it whenever and change or start from scratch. You can download Colorfy for iPhone or Android devices for free.]]>

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