Wednesday App Review: ColorNote


I am a huge fan of writing things down. From sticky notes to loose pages with scribbled notes and checklists, my desk and the walls around it are adorned with dozens of notes and lists and reminders for everything from groceries to article deadlines and random dates for some event or other. It gets pretty crazy pretty quickly, so I decided to look for a good equivalent and discovered ColorNote. This basic little productivity app is fairly similar to most other list apps and allows users to create notes or lists and then color code them for faster searches. You can even add reminders or pin them to an integrated calendar within the app for dates and important events. All of that is pretty basic and, really, not super noteworthy. But, what really caught my attention was the ability to actually pin notes to your screen–just like a digital sticky note–via a widget. It does take up a bit of screen real estate, but it certainly makes it harder to ignore! I found what works best for me is to clear out one entire screen specifically for sticky notes so that whenever I need a reminder, I can swipe over to see them all at once–almost like having a specific wall for notes (which I definitely have at my desk). A really cool feature of the app is that users can sync their notes to the cloud so that they can be accessed from multiple devices and are safe and easy to find if your phone is lost, stolen, or broken. The app can sync via an account or simply by signing in with your email. There aren’t really any cons to this program that I can find; the interface is pretty self-explanatory and the app itself is smooth and simple to use. The ColorNote website has an extensive FAQ section if you have any troubles but the app seems pretty straightforward and intuitive to me, especially if you’ve ever used Google Keep or other note applications. You can download ColorNotes for Android devices for free. Unfortunately, there isn’t an iOS version at this time but there is actually a Windows Phone version (go figure). If you’re super forgetful like me or if you’re a chronic note-scribbler, then ColorNotes is pretty fantastic and extremely… well… colorful.]]>

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