Wednesday App Review: Egg, Inc.

Incremental games, when scaled properly, can be some of the most fun time-wasting games there are. A really good incremental game, like Egg, Inc., will appeal to both casual players and more experienced incremental players. Personally, I tend to fall in the former category, but I can definitely see the appeal of this clever little game. The goal of Egg, Inc. is to build the absolute best egg farm there is. Players can hatch eggs, upgrade different facilities, and make quintillions of dollars upgrading to the newest and most exciting eggs, including medical eggs, rocket fuel eggs, and more. The game graphics are crisp and clean, and I found the gameplay very smooth on my device. As with all incremental tapping games, there is an odd mix of strategy and just waiting around for your money to build up enough to upgrade the next thing. Although the game does have a built-in prestige system to try and help make the game stay fresh and help with the lag, I personally found it one of those games that is fun for a short amount of time but that eventually you’ll have to step away and just wait. The fun thing about this particular game is that while there are in-app game purchases, I personally didn’t think they were really required. Granted, you’d have to be patient (and I didn’t get much past the sixth kind of egg before I became too impatient to play any further) but I think it could be done. The game itself has a pretty strong following, and there is even a wiki devoted entirely to the game, complete with strategies and tips to make the most out of the game. You can check it out here. Egg, Inc. is available for iPhones and Androids and can be downloaded for free.]]>

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