Wednesday App Review: I Love Hue

I have always enjoyed art and colors, although I’m not really all that good. My mother is an art teacher, even, so whenever I see games which revolve around color I am instantly intrigued. However, frequently I find that the games involving color are either ridiculously easy or ridiculously difficult with few falling in that sweet spot. The app game I Love Hue falls in that sweet spot. The game itself is really very simple. Players are shown a grid with each square a different color. These colors form a gradient from light to dark and one color to another. Then, the squares are shuffled and players are challenged to rearrange it again in the same order. There’s no timer to the game, which means that users can have a relaxed experience. The game does count your moves and compare it to the national average, but that figure isn’t displayed in the game, which makes it extremely relaxing.

The only downside to the game, which is free to play, is that each puzzle has to be purchased with prisms and although you are granted a ton at start, they will only get you through half of the Adept level (which has 25 puzzles). There are three different ways to get prisms: by watching ads, by waiting for 12 new prisms every day, or buying them via in-app purchases. While I found that the four puzzles you can purchase with the 12 free prisms each day is more than enough at the higher levels, I was extremely disappointed to find that once you purchase a puzzle, you can’t replay it for free. In fact, replaying costs one prism. For this reason, I personally skipped buying any prisms as it just didn’t seem worth the money. I understand developers wanting to make some money, but it just seemed cheap to me to charge twice for something. Regardless of that, the game itself is an absolute joy to play. The app is smooth and challenging without being stressful. I don’t feel the need to play it every day, and there is a surprising amount of satisfaction when a puzzle is completed. Overall, the combination of color theory and creative problem solving makes I Love Hue probably one of the most fun color-related puzzle games that I’ve ever played. I Love Hue can be downloaded for Apple and Android devices for free.]]>

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