Wednesday App Review: One More Brick

One of the most classic and beloved arcade games involves brick breaking, where you have to manipulate a ball around the screen to shatter all of the bricks and earn points. I’ve always loved those games, and so this week I decided to review the app One More Brick, created by Rifter Games Ltd. Unlike the traditional arcade game, One More Brick is sort of a crossover between a brick breaker and a bubble shooter, where you play as a little robot with a vendetta against bricks. Each brick has a number on it, and you can use the walls and other bricks to bounce the balls around the screen and break each individual brick with a specific number of hits. The game includes powerups and stars which you can use to purchase additional types of balls. The graphics of the game are pretty basic but clean, and while the controls take a bit of getting used to, they’re actually not half bad for a game of this type. Even more excitingly, the physics of the game are actually pretty good and the balls bounce pretty much the way you’d expect, making it more fun as you can use the walls and other bricks to get the fullest effects. While this isn’t the best bubble or brick breaking game I’ve ever played, I found that it was a fun time-waster for a little while. The primary complaint I have is that it does tend to get a little repetitive. The repetitiveness could probably be assuaged with the purchase of different balls which do different things, but some of them require so many stars, you’d basically have to pay money for them (or watch a ton of ads), which sort of defeats the purpose to me as it’s not a guarantee that the addition of a specific ball would give that much additional gameplay. On the plus side, however, the game is free and while there are full screen pop-up ads, I didn’t find them too annoying or hard to dismiss (although it should be noted that several are the ‘demo’ style where you have to sit for a few second until the X to dismiss appears). You can download One More Brick from Google Play or the App Store for free.]]>

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