Wednesday App Review: Pixel Dungeon


I was never really into video games much when I was a kid, but I have an older brother who was a huge fan. I used to sit on his bed and draw or read while he played his NES games and, most of the time, I’d end up spending more time watching him play (and cheering on the bad guys) than anything else. So, pixel games will always hold a special place in my heart and it should come as no surprise that Pixel Dungeon has become my latest obsession. screenshot_2016-12-27-10-30-20In this adorable little pixelated turn-based strategy game, players can roam through a randomly-generated dungeon, collect gold and treasure, upgrade equipment, fight monsters, and generally be heroes. There are dozens of different little trinkets to collect, plenty of monsters to battle, and the game is different every single time you play. There are three hero types you can play at the start: warrior, mage, and rogue, with a fourth (huntress) which can be unlocked. However, as much as I enjoyed playing Pixel Dungeon, I have to say that it was immensely frustrating. The game features a permanent death mechanic, and if you are like me and just dive in to see how things work, you are going to die. A lot. From what I have seen from playing it, it seems like the game relies on a fun mix of strategy and plain dumb luck. Although it’s tempting to call it all luck, in reality the game is really more strategy and trial-and-error than pure luck. The basic concept is very simple and easy to grasp, but the strategy may take a bit longer to sink in, depending on how familiar you are with turn-based games. pixel-charPixel Dungeon is 100% free to play, with absolutely no ads in the game. There is an option to donate to the creator inside the app, but it’s entirely optional and was actually added by the developer after users requested it. That’s pretty classy, in my opinion. All in all, this is a fantastic time-wasting game which can be as rewarding as it can be frustrating, and I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys old school dungeon crawls. It’s also very popular—so much so that there’s a Pixel Dungeon Wiki which can give you some helpful hints for going through the game. Pixel Dungeon can be downloaded for free on the Amazon App Store, Google Play, and iTunes. There are also two different options for downloading it on your computer: $5 via Steam, or name-your-own-price via the Pixel Dungeon site.]]>

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