Wednesday App Review: RetailMeNot

My grandmother loves coupons. She’s one of those little old ladies at Walmart who brings in a slew of clipped coupons and competitor advertisements when she goes shopping. Oblivious to the annoyance of the fellow shoppers in line behind her, she’ll argue with the cashier–loudly–over anything she feels is a little too overpriced. And my grandmother is nearly eighty, so to her just about everything is overpriced. Going shopping with my grandmother is definitely an experience and while she probably saves a lot of money, I don’t think I could put up with the glares of the people behind me. So, when a coworker told me about the RetailMeNot App, which basically does all the coupon clipping and double-checking for you, I was slightly skeptical but downloaded it anyway. The list of stores that the app can check is pretty extensive and it does both online and in-store sales, all from your phone. But I still wasn’t very impressed. Then the app got me free pancakes at IHOP yesterday, and I was officially a believer. mobileappRetailMeNot is a clever little app that gathers all of the best retail coupons all in one place and lets you bookmark and save them to use in the store. You don’t have to print them out and clip them or look like you’re my grandmother as you hand the cashier a wad of crumpled paper. You don’t have to spend hours searching through tons of junk and fine print to find what you’re looking for (although you certainly could, as the store list on this app is extensive). It’s just plain simple and easy. With a few clicks, I selected which stores were my favorites, and immediately found some awesome deals at stores that I already shop at frequently. The app also has the option of turning on GPS to receive alerts of sales nearby, which could be really helpful if you’re doing a day at the mall, for example, and will notify you if a coupon you’ve saved is about to expire. Basically, the app is couponing for lazy people like me, and it’s wonderful. All you have to do is select the discount or coupon you want and then the app will provide a code for an online checkout or will give you the coupon right on your phone so all you have to do is pass your device to the cashier and be on your way! You can download the app for free for both iPhone and Android. I haven’t used it for very long, so I’m not really sure on how much of a drain the app will have on your phone, but anything with GPS is going to hit your battery a little bit, so be aware of that. Consider yourself warned, though, this app totally makes you want to spend money. Like, a lot of money. Maybe I’m just an impulse buyer, but I can’t say I wasn’t tempted when I saw some of the online sales listed for some of my favorite stores. In fact, some of the sales I was really surprised to see, and I can only imagine how much more useful this would be when the holidays roll around again. If you’re at all interested in shopping and saving money (and who ISN’T into saving money?) then you should definitely check out this app. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.]]>

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