Wednesday App Review: Shadowmatic

Shape games are normally only for small children. However, the game Shadowmatic from Triada Studio Games is a new and refreshing take on the traditional puzzle game. Originally released on Apple devices in 2015, the game has finally made its way over to Android, so I thought I would go ahead and do a review for all our Android fans who have been missing out. At its core, Shadowmatic is a pretty simple puzzle game. All you have to do is manipulate the abstract objects to reveal a shape in the shadow they cast. While the first few puzzles are very simple, they become increasingly more difficult and, at the same time, more rewarding to complete. There are also “secrets” to reveal and an arcade mode.

This game really makes you think in a different way and unlike a lot of puzzle games, the progression is not linear so if you get stuck, you can always move on to a different challenge and come back. This, to me, makes it an easy game to play for longer periods of time as I don’t end up quitting out of sheer frustration; just quit the level and move on to something else, then come back later. Additionally, the hint system in the game is clever and allows you to help get on the right track, although I recommend only using it if you’re really stuck. The gameplay of Shadowmatic is smooth and simple and uses an intuitive combination of pinching, tapping, and dragging to manipulate the objects absolutely any way imaginable. It’s a pleasure to play; almost like creating or manipulating artwork on your phone. I can’t think of a puzzle game with better controls and the experience and execution is flawless. Probably one of my favorite parts of this game, aside from how challenging and rewarding the actual puzzles themselves are, is the graphics. The game itself is rendered into beautiful 3D images which feel almost tangible when you’re playing and manipulating them. The lighting is gorgeous and the shadows and lights really make this game pop. Additionally, the soundtrack is really good too; headphones are a must for actual immersion. Overall, this game is an absolute joy to play and a great option for anyone who loves puzzle games an is looking for a game that is beautiful, challenging, and somehow relaxing at the same time. As a note, I highly recommend larger screens for this game to get the full effect, but it would be playable on smaller screens as you can tap and drag almost anywhere. Shadowmatic offers users a free trial which includes around 14 levels, after which the full game with 100+ levels can be purchaed for $2.99. The game has no in-app purchases and no ads either, which simply adds to the experience. It is available on the App Store and, more recently, Google Play.]]>

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