Wednesday App Review: Tap Tap Dash


Endless runner games, to me, are kind of outdated. Temple Runner was extremely popular and I don’t think there was a person with a smartphone who didn’t try their hand at it at least once. I know I did, and I’m normally not a big fan of time-wasting games. Since then, there haven’t really been any games that I felt really captured the same fun and challenging atmosphere. Most of them ramped up the difficulty either too quickly or too slowly, resulting in a game that was virtually unenjoyable. Tap Tap Dash, however, is the perfect mix of fun and challenging, and I’d say would give any app in its genre a run for its money. As an endless runner-style game, I’m sure I don’t have to explain the point of the game: to stay on the path. There is a single mechanic: tapping to change direction or jump, depending on the path. That’s it. But, in that simplicity, you’ll find hours of entertainment. The most genius part of the game is the way that the developers played with the challenge level of the game. The game will occasionally slow down to give you a little breather after really rapid sections, and the little dings and sound effects serve to really enhance the gameplay without trying to distract you. There is also no music, which is surprisingly nice as well. TapTapDash_3The design is another thing I love about this game. There are no flashy backgrounds designed to distract you, no obnoxious music to mess with your focus, and no long cut scenes that you have to watch over and over when you die. There’s a “FAIL” screen and then you’re back with a new critter to try again. That’s it. It’s gorgeous in its simplicity. Additionally, the graphics are just downright cute. I really love simple graphics and bright colors, and the little critters are freaking adorable. There are around 1000 levels to play through and around 20 different characters, which are unlocked at various points throughout the game. Some of the critters you can run with are a bird, cat, pig, koala, and even a dino at level 880. In short, this game is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played recently and a fantastic choice for anyone looking for something to kill a little time, but still be fun and enjoyable. There is also a social media function, if you have friends who play, so you can track where you are and compare scores. Tap Tap Dash is available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store. There is an option to pay $2 to remove ads, and while the ads weren’t intrusive to me, I thought that it was a good price for a fun game.]]>

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