Wednesday App Review: Zombie Smasher

zombie smasher

When the zombie apocalypse happens, I’m pretty sure I’ll be the first one to be eaten. I’m not really all that interested in the zombie craze that swept the nation a few years ago, and generally speaking I tend to avoid anything involving zombies. That includes the Walking Dead, of which I have only seen a handful of episodes. But, in the name of all you zombie-loving fanatics out there (and to appease my roommate) I downloaded the game Zombie Smasher yesterday. And ever since, I have been doing my part in the ongoing human/zombie battle by gleefully smooshing purple, green and blue zombies almost obsessively. aThe premise of this simple tap-to-play game is, well, to smash zombies. That’s pretty much it. You tap on them and they smush into a satisfying zombie goo (with an equally satisfying squishing noise) before promptly disappearing. There are various kinds of zombies which take different methods to smash (including zombie dogs which run really fast and driller zombies that go underground) plus bug-eyed, terrified humans that you have to avoid. Those humans are, for whatever reason, running along with the zombies, and killing one of them means the end of the round. I guess this game doesn’t believe in collateral damage. The game has three modes: story, survival and timed, and they’re pretty self-explanatory although I can’t say I have seen all that much actual ‘story’ in the story mode. Personally, I find timed mode to be the most fun, as you are basically just trying to smash as many zombies as you can within the time limit: there are no humans and you can basically just tap like crazy. It’s a blast. I should note that there are options for in-game purchases ranging from $2 to a whopping $100. For this money, you can purchase brains, which are in turn used to buy special powerups and attacks to better combat the zombie hordes. I read some reviews that claimed that at around level 50, the game basically required you to spend money. And while I can certainly see how it might seem that way, as past about level 30 it starts to get hard, I made it to level 48 last night without spending any cash. The game does require some patience, and the zombie waves are randomly generated each round; so some rounds you’ll just get a rough run. If you’re a cheapskate like me and don’t like in-game purchases, it is worth noting that you can earn brains slowly by playing the extra modes like survival and timed matches. Personally, I don’t particularly think that it’s necessary to spend money if you don’t mind taking your time with it, and the timed and survival matches are a great break from the frustrations of the story mode so it’s a good balance. When it was originally released, Zombie Smasher was a paid game, but has since become free to download for Android, Windows Phones and iOS. For some reason, the iPhone game looks completely different from the Android and Windows versions; I can only assume it’s an older version which lacks some of the graphics and additional upgrades. It is by the same developer, however, and should play about the same. There are about 60 levels in the Android version of the game. So, whether you’re a zombie fanatic wishing to get a little more zombie in your daily life, someone looking to do your part to prevent the zombie apocalypse or you’re just plain bored; zombie smasher is a ridiculously simple and fun game that is definitely worth a look.]]>

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