DriveAssist keeps your eyes on the road, hands off the cell

passing laws banning driving while on a cell phone, it has become increasingly riskier to do so. Many people have bought Bluetooth headsets, and that’s all fine and good. Some of us, though, either always forget our Bluetooths (that’s me), or simply don’t have one. Via Phone Scoop, we learn of Aegis Mobility’s DriveAssist. This software for your phone will ensure that no calls come through while you’re driving, so there’s no temptation to answer a buzzing phone. The software actually detects when the vehicle is in motion, and that’s when it kicks in. All calls are “captured and mediated,” which in other words means you don’t know about it. You can set a few select callers to be patched through, and 911 calls are always sent through (does 911 ever call you?). Of course, text messages are held and hidden until the car stops moving. All outbound calls and texts are blocked as well, so don’t even try, mister. This sounds like a decent phone application, but I do have my questions. For instance, will text messages be sent through the switch when you stop at a red light? That could be bad news. I also haven’t seen anything about availability.You can check out more info about DriveAssist at their website.]]>

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