Best Video Calling Apps for the Holidays


The holidays are all about staying in touch with friends and loved ones. But, if you have a loved one who is traveling abroad or just far from home this holiday season, here are some of the best video chatting apps to help ensure you can still set aside some time to be together this Christmas:
  • Skype – Easily the most popular video chat app, this app allows for video chat, text chat, file sharing and is available for pretty much all platforms.
    • Pros: Most people have heard of Skype and probably have it and it works across devices
    • Cons: Slows down computers and phones, so isn’t suitable for older devices. Also requires fast speeds.
  • Google+ Hangouts – Available for most platforms, this program is run through your gmail or a separate app on your device.
    • Pros: Shouldn’t be hard to convince loved ones to use this, as it’s pre-installed on most Android devices, and Google is a well-known brand
    • Cons: app is a bit confusing, and requires a well-maintained and well-organized contacts list to really use well
  • FaceTime – This Apple only app allows you to call and talk with others on iPhones or your Mac, much like Skype, only the program was created by Apple.
    • Pros: It comes on the iPhones, so no need to convince someone to download a new app
    • Cons: Not available for Android phones, so you can only call to and from an Apple user.
  • ooVoo Chat – This app isn’t as well-known as the others, but it also allows for group chats of up to 12 people.
    • Pros: It’s free and supports pretty large groups easily
    • Cons: The interface is a little confusing, and most people will not have heard of it before
  • Tango This app has been around for a little while, but I haven’t seen much widespread use. It offers more than just video chat, making it a good choice to just hang out for an afternoon.
    • Pros: available on many platforms including Blackberry and is easy to use. Also offers games and photo sharing
    • Cons: Video quality isn’t the best, and it’s not widely known, so you’ll have to convince contacts to download it

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