Prepaid Faceoff: Republic Wireless vs. Scratch Wireless



With the massive number of prepaid MVNOs and carrier options, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of it all and even harder to compare and decide which company is the right one for you. So, every once in a while we’re going to go through and do a Face-off of two popular companies, comparing plans and services to help you better decide. Today, we’ll look at Republic Wireless and Scratch Wireless, both companies that use Sprint but have plans that focus on using Wifi for services for little or even free. It’ll be a tough one! But, here’s how they compare:

Plan Prices  Price range? What is included?

Republic Wireless – Plans range from $5 – $55

Republic offers Wifi calling on all of its plans, but the cheapest plan does not include any cellular coverage–it is Wifi only. The company has a rather unique plan setup which credits customers for the data that they do not use, meaning that your monthly bill could be considerably less some months if you stick with Wifi. Click here to read more.

Scratch Wireless  – Plans range from $0 – $40

Scratch really focuses on Wifi-first mentality and allows customers use data, minutes and send texts via Wifi for free. Texting via a cellular connection is also free, but minutes and data via cellular networks costs an additional fee. 24-hour and 30 day passes are available for both voice and data. Read more about it here.

Unlimited Talk/Text  Is it offered? What is the lowest price?

Republic Wireless – Yes, $5 for unlimited talk and text via Wifi. For $10, you can have unlimited talk and text via either Wifi or cellular network.

Scratch Wireless  – Yes, unlimited voice is free via Wifi, or $15 via cellular networks. Texting is always unlimited and free on both Wifi and cellular.

Data Ranges  What is the most and least data available?

Republic Wireless – Republic, of course, offers unlimited data via Wifi. For customers who use cellular data, Republic will credit customers any data they did not use. There is a lot of jargon on exactly how the refund is calculated, but basically they prorate and figure out how much you paid per MB and then refund you for whatever you didn’t use. The refund goes into your account to use the next month, resulting in smaller bills.

Scratch Wireless  – Scratch really encourages customers to use Wifi and data when connected to Wifi is unlimited and free. Customers can purchase 50 MB of data (good for 24 hours) for $2 or a 30 day pass. Monthly passes cost $15 for 500 MB or $25 for 1 GB of data. Overages are not allowed.

Pay-As-You-Go Rates  What are the pay-as-you-go per minute rates?

Republic Wireless – not available

Scratch Wireless  – not available, although $2 unlimited day passes are available for data and voice.

International Calling  What options are available? What does it cost?

Republic Wireless – Customers can place calls to any international call via wifi at no additional charge. Calls to and from Canadian numbers are also free. As far as regular international calling, Republic allows customers to make outbound calls to Per Call Countries (Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Somoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Johnston Atoll, Midway Atoll, and the Wake Island) for $0.50 per minute plus regular airtime.

Scratch Wireless  – Scratch does not support international calling, although customers may make calls via Wifi using third-party apps like Google Voice or Skype.

Activation Fees  How much do they cost?

Republic Wireless – none

Scratch Wireless  – none

BYOD  Can you activate your own device?

Republic Wireless – No; you must purchase a Republic Wireless device. Available devices are the Moto X (2nd gen) and Moto E (2nd gen).

Scratch Wireless  – No; you must purchase a device. Scratch offers limited devices which shift. At the time of publication the only available device is the Coolpad Arise.

Network/Coverage  What network does it use?

Republic Wireless – Sprint | Coverage Map

Scratch Wireless  – Sprint | Coverage Map