Kitty Wireless September Deal

kitty wireless

Kitty Wireless, a broker for Page Plus, has posted their September deal on their website. During the month of September, if you activate a new number on Page Plus (through Kitty Wireless) or port over a number to Page plus (again, through Kitty Wireless), then you can save 20% on your first monthly plan of $29.95 or higher. While saving 20% doesn’t seem like much (anywhere from $6 to $14 with the most expensive monthly plan), the activation and porting over are both free, which can definitely save you some money. Kitty Wireless has been around for a couple of years and claims to have legendary customer service with a pretty good forum to back them up. Kitty only sells Page Plus services and devices. For a full list of devices, service plans and other services, check out their website.]]>