T-Mobile Expands Music Freedom

Music lovers rejoice! T-Mobile has announced that they have expanded their Music Freedom service to include an additional 6 apps including AccuRadio, Black Planet, Grooveshark Radio Paradise Rdio and Songza. This popular service was launched in June and since then, the ‘Uncarrier’ has reported that customers have streamed around 7,000 terabytes of music and more than than 5 million songs per day. Other music players currently supported include: iHeartRadio, iTunesRadio, Pandora, Rhapsody, Slacker, Spotify and Samsung’s Milk service. T-Mobile announced that Google Play Music is coming later this year to the Music Freedom service. Music Freedom is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers and essentially counts music streaming data separate from everything else, allowing for unlimited streaming. The fine print, however, does state that advertisements and album art still count as data so while the actual music streaming is unlimited, your data counter will still go up if you stream for long periods of time due to ads and album artwork (I’m looking at you, Pandora, and you, Spotify). Music Freedom is automatically included in prepaid accounts that include data (generally the $50 plans and up). If you don’t have those plans, you can add Music Freedom to your account for a small fee (usually less than $10 per month, depending on which service you get). They also have two other options: Rhapsody UnRadio and Rhapsody Premium, which cost $6 and $10 respectively and allow for more or less music selection, skipping and other features. Check out this page for more information about Rhapsody. While the FAQ page does say that it’s not for prepaid, I spoke with a T-Mobile customer service representative in the prepaid department and he confirmed that it was available for prepaid customers. So what do you think? Do you use unlimited music streaming, and is it as good as it sounds?]]>

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