Red Pocket Launches WiFi App

Last week Red Pocket debuted their Red Pocket WiFi App that is designed to help customers manage their WiFi networks and to store/automate log ins for ‘reputable’ WiFi hotspots at places like McDonalds and Starbucks. While it’s only been out for a couple weeks and formally announced last week, the app hasn’t had much publicity or very many downloads (it lists somewhere between 50-100 installs). The one review listed is negative, but since the WiFi management options on some of the lower-end phones are pretty terrible, this app might be worth a look. By far the coolest feature is probably automatic hotspot sign in. When in locations like McDonalds or Starbucks, which require you to agree to terms and such, the app will automatically go through the motions so you’re always connected. If it can’t automate it, then it will prompt you to sign in. The app also measures the quality of the hotspot so you know what speeds you’re getting. While I don’t use Red Pocket, this seems like it could be invaluable to customers who want to conserve their data and are frequently in spaces where WiFi is available. Constantly having to sign in to McDonalds and other corporate WiFi hotspots can be kind of annoying. However, it could also be totally pointless if your phone has decent WiFi management settings. If you have Red Pocket and have tried it out, let us know how the app was in the comments!]]>

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