Prepaid Podcast: July 23, 2008 – Episode 4

prepaid services in the podcast. That’s what the blog specializes in, so it makes a degree of sense. Yet, it leaves out the issue of handsets. Ian Littman of Go 4 Prepaid ( is a handset nut. He takes his advertising revenue, and uses it to purchase and review phones for his dedicated audience. In this episode, I talk to him about the ins and outs of prepaid handsets. So click on over to hear the Prepaid Podcast (34 min, 50 sec). And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you won’t miss any future episodes. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Highlights include: While the handsets cover the bulk of the show, we get into the Virgin-Helio merger, and how Virgin can best implement its new customers and new technology. Tracfone and its subsidiary Net10 are some of the biggest names in prepaid. We talk about their network coverage, and how they get a better deal on GSM than CDMA. Ian touches on their handset lineups, which are far outdated on the CDMA side. They have added the Motorola W376g, their first handset with Bluetooth, and certainly the best handset they’ve offered yet. Ian’s favorite overall handset lineup: Virgin Mobile. Basically, if you want to get up to date on the state of prepaid phones, you’d do well to give it a listen.]]>

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