Best AT&T MVNO Plans

Next to Verizon, I think that everyone can agree that AT&T has one of the most complete networks. While AT&T’s prices aren’t quite as astronomical as Verizon’s, it is still a little on the pricey side. Fortunately, AT&T has several MVNOs. Unfortunately, most of them actually aren’t that great. However, if you’re looking for some of the best AT&T plans, then you’re in the right place! As always, there are a couple of companies that stand out as the best value but if you know of another competitor that offers something better, let me know in the comments! Anyway, as of right now here are my current top picks:

Best Plan Under $40

Wireless plans vary quite a bit in price and can be anywhere from $20 – $70 depending on who you are with and what you need. However, most people I have talked to are looking for something in the $40 range. Surprisingly, the best value that I could find for $40 is actually from Cricket Wireless, AT&T’s own prepaid brand. Cricket’s $40 plan (which you can get for $35 if you sign up for auto pay) includes unlimited talk and text, unlimited international texting and 2.5 GB of data. Pretty much everything else at that price range only includes 1 GB of data, but if you’re not a fan of Cricket for whatever reason, then I’d suggest H2O’s $40 plan as an alternative. It only includes 1 GB of data, but does have some international credit.

Best Plan for Light Users

If you’re not looking to spend a lot of dough on your prepaid plan simply because you don’t use your phone much, then the clear choice has to be the award-winning Consumer Cellular. Consumer Cellular allows customers to build their own plan which includes talk, text and data. The cheapest plan you can build is around $17.50 and would include 250 minutes, 300 texts and 30 MB. It is worth noting that if you’re only interested in the cheapest plan, then AirVoice’s $20 plan might be a better deal. It includes unlimited talk and text and 100 MB of data.

Best Plan for Data Lovers

Unsurprisingly, you can get the most data from Cricket Wireless. For $60 ($55 if you sign up for autopay) you can get a whopping 10 GB of data; which is also the most data that anyone offers. As an interesting side note, Cricket completely undercuts GoPhone and pretty much everyone else. The next closest is actually AirVoice again with a $50 for 5 GB plan… but at that rate, I’d recommend Cricket and get the most for your money.

Best Plan for Texters

The cheapest unlimited texting plan that I could find was via AirVoice Wireless. For $20 you can get unlimited talk and text, 100 MB of data, unlimited MMS and unlimited international texting.]]>


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