OnePlus Nixes Invites for One

When OnePlus announced its first smartphone last year everyone raved about how fantastic the OnePlus One was. Priced at around $300, it had flagship specs for a budget price, and everyone wanted one. But, in order to even order the device, you first had to have an invite. This exclusive club opened a little bit several months ago with no-invite Tuesdays and now OnePlus has announced it’s getting rid of the invite system completely. Kind of. While customers can, starting this week, purchase the OnePlus One without waiting for an invite, the company has confirmed that the upcoming and highly anticipated OnePlus 2 (which should be released sometime this year) will still require an invite to purchase it at launch. According to OnePlus, the invite system is to help the company “manage risk” associated with a new product and to give users “the amazing experience that they deserve,” whatever that means. Personally, it seems more likely to be a tactic to drive up the demand in an already saturated market, and really I can’t blame the company for that. Besides which, it seems to be working. You can purchase the OnePlus One on OnePlus’ website. The device is available in black or white (although the black version costs a little extra). The phone has 4G capability and should be available with several different networks including: AT&T, Consumer Cellular, Cricket Wireless, Net10, Red Pocket, Straight Talk, T-Mobile, Lycamobile, MetroPCS and Simple Mobile. I haven’t confirmed with all of these networks, however, so if you decide to invest in this phone double check with your carrier.]]>

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