Telcel Usa Prepaid Plans

The website provides terms, information, and all sign-up and renewal information in English and Spanish. Telcel America designed the language and style of presentation to welcome and engage Latin and Hispanic visitors. It offers customer services that might appeal to U.S. residents with family and friends n Mexico and Latin America. It focuses a significant amount of information on the benefits of unlimited international calling and texting services. While the Company offers a wide range of telephone equipment including devices using the Android operating system, the main thrust is basic telephone service. The Android roll-out is still in an early stage with limited full service availability coverage. The service coverage map shows an impressive degree of coverage within the continental U.S. It also shows the relatively lower rate of coverage for Android systems. Telcel America has flexible pricing plans for domestic service, three levels with monthly automatic payment by credit card as well as sales of phone cards online and in retail stores. It adds a focus on Mexico and international calling by offering 30-day plans and an unlimited international plan including 1000 minutes in calls to cell phones in Mexico, international calls to more than 1,000 destinations, texting. The overall limit is 15 discrete international destinations in a 30-day period. The key service add-on is an available unlimited international calling to landlines and cell phones. After signing-on to the basic service, one can add an international calling plan and enjoy low cost calling to South America, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. The focus on international calling benefits sets Telcel America apart from TracFone and other prepaid providers. The benefits of calling Mexico and other international destinations tend to define the target audience. For consumers for which this is not an essential feature, there are likely much better values in other plans from other providers.]]>

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