Cricket Announces New Streaming Feature

Recently AT&T’s Cricket Wireless announced that it will be adding a new streaming feature for all customers on a data plan which costs $30 or more per month. The feature, called Stream More, will allow customers to lessen data consumption when streaming video. The feature is not yet available but expected in the next few months. There isn’t a lot of actual information on the press release, but it does expressly state that with Stream More, customers can stream HD video at standard definition (which is similar to DVD quality) in order to preserve data. There is no speed information at this time. Stream More will be opt-in and can be turned off whenever the customer chooses. It will also be free. Combined with the slightly increased data options with Cricket, this will be a welcome addition to the service. However, despite what it might seem like, making streaming easier for prepaid customers is not exactly revolutionary. In fact, MetroPCS already offers a similar feature called Data Maximizer to its customers which is essentially the same thing. Both Boost and Virgin Mobile have unlimited free music streaming available as well. In short, while it’s a nice addition, it’s not as revolutionary as Cricket would have you think. However, I’m not aware of any streaming options like this on an AT&T plan, so there is that. According to the press release, there are a handful of other features which will be rolled out soon including VoLTE and Wifi Calling features. There isn’t a set date or even estimated date mentioned, but I’d expect it within the next four to six months. Cricket Wireless offers plans to customers starting at $30 per month. It allows device activation and also offers phones for sale. For more information, or to check out the phones and services, visit the Cricket Wireless website.]]>

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