Cricket's handset plans for 2010

there, so it gets the credit. In any case, it looks like Cricket has nine more handsets planned for release in 2010. We already saw them release the Samsung Stunt, and according to the road map that was right on time. Among the newbies are updates to the TXTM8 and MSGM8, the latter due out in July and the former in September. We knew that Cricket would get a BlackBerry, the 8530. They said summer, and the roadmap indicates August. Again, that will cover AWS markets, giving it a leg up on the MetroPCS BlackBerry Curve 8330, which works only in legacy markets. Due out a month before that is the Kyocera/Sanyo ZIO, the Android handset we heard about last week at CTIA. Cricket plans three other touchscreen devices, the Kyocera RIO, the Samsung r631, and the Samsung r710. It looks like they’ll come out in the fourth quarter, though the r631 is scheduled for Q3. Rounding out the lineup are a pair of low-end phones, the Kyocera Domino, due in June, and the CAPTR II, due in July. The push, then, appears to take place later in the year. This looks good from our perspective. The second half of the year figures to be filled with shiny new devices. ]]>

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