GreatCall Adds Weekly Overviews to Link App


Greatcall, creator of the popular Jitterbug phone, has added a new feature to their popular Link app: weekly written overviews. Through a new partnership with artificial intelligence company Automated Insights, Link can now send caregivers personalized weekly overviews of the status of their loved ones, including how often the Great Call services were used, where the loved one was and how they are doing. Here’s a couple of example of an overview from the press release:

Chris actively used his 5Star for six days last week and could contact help if needed during that time. He spent time at the farmer’s market, his daughter’s home and the coffee shop. He did a great job of charging the device regularly, never letting the battery power fall to a low level.

Mary Clare actively used her 5Star for three days last week and could reach an operator if needed during that time. However, she didn’t actively use her device for four full days. She may need a reminder that it is important to carry her device at all times, guaranteeing that support is available when needed.

Edward made four total calls to GreatCall last week, including an important one to notify 911.

These overviews are created with the use of Wordsmith, a natural language generation program that has been used to create narratives for everything from finance to sports. This popular platform is expected to be used to write more than one billion narratives this year, but these will be among the first health and safety narratives the program will tackle. “The Link app connects caregivers to their family members’ health and safety information. The narratives add a personal element, building that feeling of confidence that comes from having all the necessary information,” Krijn van der Raadt, Vice President IT & Software Development at GreatCall said in a statement. Greatcall’s Link app allows caregivers to keep an eye on loved ones without the need to hover or ruin the independence of actively aging loved ones. The app requires a monthly subscription to use and is only one of many health-related apps that Greatcall offers.]]>

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