Joopz adds another dynamic to text messaging

Joopz, and we think it’s compelling enough to share. See, it lets you send text messages from your computer to any mobile phone. Wait. Don’t leave! There’s more! If a reply is sent from the recipient, it sends right back to your computer. Okay, see? They do have something unique to offer. You can also send text messages en masse with their service, which has us hoping that they have some top-notch spam detectors. To us, this looks like an excellent personal productivity tool. One of the best features is that if you are texting someone from your computer, you can forward that conversation to your phone and pick it up on the go. No more jagged “gotta jet, later” ends to what could be important conversations. The multiple recipients feature is a bit flexible, too. You have the option of either being the only recipient of replies, or you can have it act as a chat, where all replies are sent to everyone. That should make some “on the go” meetings a bit easier to manage. To make that even easier, Joopz records all conversations. There is also a message scheduler, for which there are dozens of uses. Is there a birthday coming up that you really don’t want to forget? Schedule yourself a text message reminder. Have a big meeting tomorrow? Set a text that will send to you 20 minutes prior. Heck, you can even schedule one to be sent to your colleagues, so they’re prepared too. You know what? This really seems like a common-sense service that should have been around well before now. But it’s here, and everyone should at least give it a whirl, especially if your work habits would improve with such an organizational device. Anyone can try Joopz for free, which covers 10 messages per month. For heavier users, there are options to pay $2.95 per month, or $19.95 per year. [Joopz] via [Datamation]]]>

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