New FCC Complaint Website


I hesitated to even write an article about this, but with how frequently and easily new prepaid providers can go under, I thought it might be prudent. Today, the FCC has debuted a new online consumer help center to make finding resources and, should you need to, filing complaints much easier. In a very dry press release, the FCC PR monkeys promise that with this shiny new site you’ll get better communication, faster responses, faster delivery of complaints to service providers you’re complaining about, a faster filing system (are we seeing a trend here?), the ability to monitor your complaints 24/7 and a ton of documents that are supposed to ’empower consumers to resolve some problems on their own.’ Oh, and the site is supposed to help the FCC better analyze trends for industry problems and such. I don’t know that I buy that everything is going to be that much faster (this IS a government organization, after all) or better but the filing process does look a lot simpler and the site overall is far more user friendly. Almost makes me wish I had someone to file a complaint against. You can take a gander at the new site here.  ]]>

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