Freedom Wireless new in the MVNO game

Simple Freedom, one of our featured providers. It’s Freedom Wireless (simply), and it has just inked an MVNO deal to provide voice and data services to markets in North America. This is a big step for the corporation, who before inking an MVNO deal were simply a Verizon reseller. It appears that they’re breaking off from Verizon for this endeavor, as they will offer GSM services. What we couldn’t find was the network on which Freedom would operate. However, we did find this clue: “enables it to brand its Freedom Wireless cellular service across the largest GSM cellular network footprint in the continental USA as well as the Rogers network in Canada.” Okay, Rogers in Canada. But does the “largest GSM cellular network footprint” mean AT&T in the U.S. By all appearances, that would be the case, since T-Mobile certainly isn’t the largest.

The company will focus its marketing efforts on the prepaid cellular, affiliate, and non-profit markets to offer unique products that will allow users the capability to enjoy free cellular-to-cellular calling on the Freedom Wireless network, for selected plans starting at $10.00 per month. “Our value pricing structure will provide our users a significantly reduced monthly cost versus other carrier plans being offered at a much higher cost,” said van der Merwe in a statement.
We can get on board with a decent $10 per month offering. However, at this time there is no specific information available regarding phones and plans the company will offer. Their company website hasn’t been updated for what looks like a year, though we hope that changes in the near future, so we can profile the service for you guys. They won’t stop at wireless, though. The company’s license allows them to also provide calling cards, broadband, and wireless Internet. [TMCnet]]]>

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  1. Dave on May 26, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    Has anyone ever heard anything more from this outfit? Did/do they have any MVNO agreements? Are agreements filed w. the FCC?
    We tried contacting this company but never got a response.