Harbor Mobile Drops T-Mobile, Jumps to AT&T

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I haven’t written a lot about MVNO Harbor Mobile for a couple of reasons, foremost of which is that the company is a business MVNO and to sign up customers must prove that they are business owners. Sole proprietors and entrepreneurs are allowed. However, the company seems to have hit a rough spot a few months ago and abruptly stopped accepting new signups, leading many to speculate that Harbor Mobile was going under. But, as it turns out, they are instead simply jumping ship from T-Mobile to AT&T. According to Prepaid Phone News, Harbor Mobile is in the process of making the changes and the new AT&T plans should theoretically go live today. The plans offered are, unfortunately, not quite as competitive as the old T-Mobile plans but customers who were on T-Mobile plans can choose to remain on those plans. All plans include unlimited talk and text as well as domestic roaming, which should offer a much better network overall. Plans also include unlimited international texting. Here is a tentative preview of the plans (which I will update at launch later today if they change):
  • $25 – 1 GB high speed data
  • $30 – 2.5 GB high speed data
  • $40 – 4.5 GB high speed data
  • $50 – 10 GB high speed data
There may also be a tablet plan in the works, but there were no details released at the time of writing. Harbor Mobile should be offering LTE service in addition to 3G and 2G speeds. While the new plans are losing some of the perks of the T-Mobile offerings (such as free music streaming and unlimited 2G data) there’s a decent chance that the expanded coverage will make up the difference for some customers. For more information on Harbor Mobile, visit the website.]]>

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