Jolt Mobile Changes Plan Lineup

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Despite being rather little-known, Jolt Mobile has been around since 1995 and offers fairly stable service through AT&T’s network. However, this MVNO recently made some pretty significant changes to its plan lineups including the discontinuance of its Affordable Flex Plans, which simply gave customers a set amount of money to divide between texts, minutes or MB.  Plans that are discontinued include the $30, $50 and $60 plans. In fact, the only plan that is unchanged is the $40 per month plan, although it does gain some international calling credit. Here’s what Jolt’s plans look like right now:
  • $25 – unlimited talk and text, 100 MB data (new plan)
  • $40 – unlimited talk and text, 1 GB data, $1 international call credit
  • $55 – unlimited talk and text, 5 GB data, $1 international call credit (new plan)
For the most part, these changes are for the better, as the new $55 plan includes more data, and the $25 plan is obviously aimed at people who are around Wifi quite a bit. The exclusion of the 500 MB $30 plan is probably a wise choice as customers can easily get twice as much data at that rate from almost anywhere else. Additionally, the company has made some changes to its PayGo plans, dropping several plans and changing around the rates for others. As before, rates for minutes, messages and MB varies depending on which PayGo plan you choose. Unfortunately, most of the changes aren’t really for the better. The data rates for the cheaper option are now through the roof, but minute and text options on the larger refill are pretty expensive. So basically you can access affordable data or affordable talk and text, but not both. Here are the options right now:
  • $15 – $0.06/minute, $0.03/text, $0.50/MB (250 minutes OR 500 texts OR 30 MB)
  • $20 – $0.10/minute, $0.10/text, $0.066/MB (200 minutes OR 200 texts OR 300 MB)
And for comparison’s sake here is what the PayGo plans USED to look like:
  • $5 – $0.10/minute, $0.05/text, $0.10/MB (50 minutes OR 100 texts OR 50 MB)
  • $10 – $0.04/minute, $0.02/text, $0.05/MB (250 minutes OR 500 texts OR 200 MB)
  • $20 – $0.04/minute, $0.02/text , $0.05/MB (500 minutes OR 1000 texts OR 400 MB)
Jolt allows customers to activate their own unlocked GSM device (T-Mobile or AT&T are both likely compatible). The company does not actually sell devices on its own. For more information on Jolt Mobile, visit the website.]]>

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