MVNO Movida stays afloat

filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. At that point, as it usually is at the beginning of such proceedings, it was unclear whether Movida would emerge, or if it would collapse. It has emerged, as Maryland-based APC Wireless has agreed to buy the company. The word is that Movida, facing tough times, went to Sprint to renegotiate their deal. Sprint had no interest in doing so, and Movida had little recourse. I’m not sure how the relationship with APC is going to changed that, but they had to have bought the company for some reason or another.

“Movida never went dark,” [APC’s Chief Operating Office Samuel] Bahreini said. “The subscriber base has not been affected. The user experience is the same and getting better.”
The focus will continue to be on Spanish-speaking customers. Hopefully, we can see Movida succeed in this niche.]]>

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