Selectel to Offer International Calling

Selectel Wireless, a Verizon MVNO, has soft launched its own international calling program this week. Although it doesn’t show up on anywhere on the website and is only available for purchase by calling Selectel Customer Service, international calling should be available right now. Unlike with international calling through other MVNOs, Selectel’s model does not allow for direct dialing, and there is not a specific international add-on. Instead, users must purchase a $10 or $20 card in order to make international calls. Rates vary from country to country and customers are charged per minute, rounded up. You can check out the rates here or call customer service for more information. There are a few downsides to the Selectel’s international calling, however. While generally the rates are pretty good for landlines, some international mobile numbers are charged at a slightly higher rate. The rate sheet also indicates that customers calling with a $10 card will be charged slightly higher than those calling on a $20 card, which is a little odd. Additionally, Prepaid Phone News reported that the international credit expires 30 days after the purchase, which would certainly put a damper on purchasing the higher-priced cards unless you do a lot of calling. Selectel Wireless offers a range of national calling plans that vary from $15 – $75, depending on users preferences. Plans vary in amount of text, minutes and data and expire anywhere from one month to a year. Selectel has a very limited phone choice, but does support BYOD for Verizon phones. For more information, visit Selectel’s Website or call customer service at 1-877-218-5744]]>

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