Notice a lack of Nokia smartphones from Straight Talk?

Straight Talk stopped offering its two Nokia smartphones, the 6970 and the E71. They’re still available at Walmart stores, but if you’re looking for one on Straight Talk’s website, you’ll come up empty. Neither of the parties is saying much about the matter, though Nokia indicated that it’s no big deal. The reason it’s a shame for consumers is that those handsets best took advantage of Straight Talk’s unlimited web plan — which, if you think about it that way, might be the reason for the devices removals. ]]>

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  1. Bobby Light on June 14, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    There’s a 76 page thread on HowardForums’ StraightTalk forum titled “Straight Talk and iPhone! Everything you need to know to make it work!” And a thread just started: “Straight Talk and Android! Everything you need to know (so please stop asking).”
    In my opinion, the blame for the Nokias being pulled lies mainly in the hands of greedy hackers. And I stand by that GREEDY name call–they certainly couldn’t be called ‘thrifty’, as they resorted to buying E71s and 6790s for their SIMs, then putting them into separate iPhones and Android devices that they also had to secure secondhand (and unlocked).
    Some of us out here DID want a thrifty alternative to a full contract smartphone, especially given that carriers like Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile don’t have a usable presence everywhere. The 3G Nokias had more home network coverage using AT&T, and even without 3G coverage users could take advantage of Wi-Fi wherever it could be found. Putting up with older model phones with the ‘pathetic’ Symbian platform wasn’t much of a compromise for the monthly $45 price, and the freedom of no contract.
    This is one of the few times the hacking/disposable phone user community has done users more harm than good. Now users are stuck with feature phones that they themselves are having to ‘hack’ by side-loading Opera Mini or Bolt browsers for a better web experience. Greed is not always good, fellas.

  2. Jody on June 18, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    I thought that the removal of the phones was based on people using the particular sims that came with those phones in non-nokia unlocked phones and straight talk wanted to end that practice by only having sims that are more tied to their phones.