Get 200 bonus minutes with Tracfone one year cards

Cell Guru. Their one-year activation cards are now coming with 200 bonus minutes. So if you want the double minutes one year card, which normally comes with 800 minutes, now it comes with 1,000. It will still run $139.99. The regular one-year service card comes with 200 minutes on top of the original 400, so you get 600 minutes and a year of service for $99.99. These deals run through October 8, though there’s always a chance they’ll be extended (they previously expired Sept. 23). Then there’s the Motorola w376g, which you can get essentially for free. It costs $49.99 and comes with a double minutes card, which costs the same. It sounds like a good idea to nab the one year card on top of this. Finally, the LG 225 camera phone comes with a double minutes card, plus 450 minutes which won’t expire for a year. That’ll run $99.99. So visit the Tracfone website to take advantage of these deals.]]>

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