Boost Introduces New Plan and Revives Free Phone Promo

Recently Boost Mobile, a Sprint MVNO, changed its lineup of plans. The company also decided to bring back its free phone promotion for customers porting into Boost Mobile. This promotion is only available in stores and customers must be enrolling in the $50 plan. Here are the plans, all including unlimited talk, text, and data, post changes:
  • $35/month – 2 GB of high speed data (Previously $30/month for 1 GB)
  • $50/month – Unlimited high speed data
Data add-ons are available at $5 for 1 GB and $10 for 2 GB. Both plans are eligible for a $5 monthly discount if enrolled in Auto Re-Boost. Family plans are also eligible for discounted rates, with the first line being either $35 and $50 and each additional line (up to 4) for $30/month. As previously mentioned, Boost Mobile also brought back its free phone promotion. The customer must be porting in from a non-Sprint carrier that they would have been active on for 90 days. If eligible, customers can choose between the Alcatel Dawn (list price $39.99) or the LG K3 (list price $49.99) so long as they are available. Boost had stopped offering free phones back September 1, 2016, but it lasted only two months. After Boost stopped doing free phones, other companies (like MetroPCS) only increased their promotions. The 90 day rule is a new addition, and will probably hinder people jumping on the “free phone” wagon, but perhaps other prepaid carriers will follow suit. Boost Mobile has a variety of phones for sale on its website, many at discounted rates, though it is not specified when the sale could end. You can view devices for sale, check device compatibility, and view coverage on Boost Mobile’s website.]]>

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