Roam Mobility Adds $20 Snowbird Plan


Canadian wireless company Roam Mobility has announced the addition of a new prepaid plan designed for consumers who spend part of their year in the United States. Marketed as “North America’s lowest priced wireless service” this plan can be purchased in increments, depending on how long the customer intends to stay in the US and includes talk and text in both the US and Canada. The new Snowbird Talk + Text plan costs around $20 per month (minimum $60) and includes unlimited US talk, global texting and long distance calls to Canada. When rounded out, consumers will end up paying about $0.67 per day for the service. While the $20 plan does not include data, there is a $40 plan which includes 2 GB of high speed data, unlimited 2G speed data and unlimited global MMS. This plan can only be purchased for a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months. But for me, what makes this plan cool is that SIMs can be suspended when consumers return to Canada and resumed the next year when consumers travel to the US again, making it perfect for the so-called ‘snowbirds’ who live half of the year out of the country. Using this suspension service, consumers can keep their numbers and keep the same SIM card to reduce confusion. “Our goal has always been to make roaming an afterthought, so we’re pleased to provide Canadians living part-time in the U.S. with the lowest priced Tier 1 service in North America,” Emir Aboulhosn, founder and CEO of Roam Mobility told MobileSyrup.]]>