Cure Smartphone Addiction with the NoPhone


Do you feel anxious without your phone? Do you get an empty feeling whenever your hands aren’t clutching that familiar piece of cool plastic? Do you feel insecure in social situations without holding a phone? Then never fear, the NoPhone is here! Well, almost. The innovative NoPhone is a cleverly crafted piece of plastic designed to be a surrogate between you and your lack of a phone. Shatterproof, waterproof, battery free, OS free, bug free, and technology free, this piece of plastic will improve your eye contact instantly! It’s like magic! And for the next couple of weeks, you can donate to this Kickstarter campaign to help fund the creation of NoPhone for phone addicts everywhere. I wish I was kidding. What started out as an internet joke gained a surprising amount of followers and, according to the creators of the NoPhone, the mock NoPhone website generated enough interest they thought they would see if the internet actually wanted to fund such a thing. With 17 days left, the NoPhone has raised more than $6,000 out of its $30,000 goal. What are they doing with $30,000? Not really sure, as the phone is literally a piece of plastic shaped like an iPhone 5. It even weighs about the same and comes with an optional ‘selfie’ upgrade that consists of a mirror. I’m sure it’s really nice plastic though. While the idea of the NoPhone is hilarious, and the descriptions include lots of tongue-in-cheek satire, I can’t quite decide if the public response to the NoPhone is funny or sad, and the $6,000 that it has raised so far definitely gives one pause. The Kickstarter ends Oct. 11, and as of today, it has about 350 backers, 18 of which donated under the minimum to actually receive a NoPhone. I’m not really one to joke about addictions, but maybe it’s time for everyone to take a step back, put down the smartphone (pick up your NoPhone if you must) and start giving the idea of smartphone addiction some thought.]]>

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