Google's MVNO Is Finally Here


Yesterday, Google formally announced and soft launched its new MVNO and, surprisingly, quite a few of the rumors revolving around the service were true. Called Project Fi, the MVNO uses a combination of Wifi calling and cellular networks from Sprint and T-Mobile. What makes Project Fi so exciting is the fact that the service is designed to use not one, but both networks, depending on which has better signal in a given area. Supposedly the switch between Wifi, Sprint or T-Mobile is seamless, but I’d have to see it to believe it. However, assuming that Google manages to pull this off, it could really be pretty amazing. Project Fi is currently only available to those with a Nexus 6 device, as it has the necessary hardware and software to support Project Fi’s signal swapping. Google didn’t say immediately whether other devices will be added eventually or not. Presumably it will depend on how well the service is received. Unlike most carriers, Project Fi has an incredibly simplistic plan option. For $20, customers can get unlimited talk, text, international roaming and wifi tethering. High-speed data can be added for $10 per GB, and any unused data is credited back to the customer’s account at the end of the cycle. For lower data users, this is an excellent value, but heavy data users will probably want to either stick to Wifi or just avoid Project Fi completely. $30 for a 1 GB plan isn’t too bad, but $70 for 5 GB is a little pricey. Of course, for the ability to use both T-Mobile and Sprint towers, it might just be worth it. If you have a Nexus 6, you can request an invite to Project Fi. If you don’t have a Nexus 6, you can purchase one through the signup page for the MVNO. For more information on Project Fi, check out the website ]]>

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