Ultra Mobile Adds DATAXTRA Feature


Ultra Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO, recently added more data to most of its plans along with a few other minor changes. It isn’t what you usually see when getting more data, though, as Ultra Mobile added data at 3G speeds instead of the typical 4G speeds. Not only does this make plans a little more difficult to look at and understand, it’s increasingly complicated since Ultra Mobile had just introduced “Data My Way” which allows customers to control their data speed and help conserve. Plans through Ultra Mobile, like a lot of T-Mobile MVNO’s, are heavy with international features. If a plan doesn’t include a lot of data when you consider the price, such as the $49 plan listed below, Ultra adds perks like international calling credits, international roaming credits, or unlimited calling to a wide variety of destinations. Here are the new data amounts included, though, with the changes in bold:
  • $19/month – 100 MB of hard capped data
  • $24/month – 500 MB (previously 100 MB) of hard capped data
  • $29/month – 1 GB of 4G, 1 GB of 3G (previously 1 GB 4G), and unlimited 2G data
  • $34/month – 2 GB of 4G, 2 GB of 3G (previously 2 GB 4G), and unlimited 2G data
  • $39/month – 2 GB of 4G, 2 GB of 3G (previously 2 GB 4G), and unlimited 2G data
  • $45/month (previously $44)5 GB of 4G, 2 GB of 3G (previously 1 GB 4G), and unlimited 2G data
  • $49/month (previously $49) –  2 GB of 4G, 2 GB of 3G (previously 2 GB 4G), and unlimited 2G data
You can view the full lineup of plans and features included here. Ultimately, you can’t be upset about Ultra Mobile’s changes, because each plan improved their data allotment. While it isn’t all at high speeds, you’re still getting more data— plus, with the MVNO’s “Data My Way” feature, customers can control when they’re using slower data speeds and use those for checking e-mail, while they save their 4G data for streaming videos. Ultra Mobile’s subsidiary Univision Mobile, a company geared toward Spanish speaking countries, also revamped their plans with DATAXTRA and you can view those in detail here. Ultra Mobile operates on T-Mobile’s network. It allows unlocked GSM devices to be brought in for activation and has a few devices available for purchase. To view coverage, devices for sale, and the plans in detail, you can visit Ultra Mobile’s website, here.]]>