Page Plus Increases Data


Page Plus, Verizon MVNO and Tracfone subsidiary, has recently made some effort to keep with the competition. Many prepaid companies have been increasing data allotments included in plans, as customers seem to be needing internet access more than ever before.  Page Plus is aiming to appeal to the high-data user now, as they increased the data on its two most expensive plans. All plans except the $12 monthly plan include a $10 international call credit as well as unlimited nationwide and international texting. Let’s take a look:
  • $12/month – 250 minutes, 250 texts, 10 MB data
  • $29.95/month – 1500 minutes, 1 GB data
  • $39.95/month – Unlimited talk, 3 GB high speed data
  • $55/month – Unlimited talk, 8 GB high speed data (previously 5 GB)
  • $69.95/month – Unlimited talk, 10 GB high speed data (previously 7 GB)
I definitely think it was time for Page Plus to upgrade its plans, specifically the data allotments. Page Plus is now comparable to Verizon’s own prepaid division, even though it has been purchased by Tracfone. Verizon offers a $70 monthly plan that also includes 10 GB of high speed data, and while Verizon does include rollover data as a feature, Page Plus offers an autopay discount that could bring the monthly cost down to $64/month— those are pretty comparable, I’d say. Page Plus has many smartphones available for purchase on its website, some of which are refurbished, and device financing is available through SmartPay. Page Plus also allows some devices to be brought in for activation, and you can check compatibility here. SIM cards are available for purchase for $.99. Page Plus operates on one of the nations largest networks, and you can check coverage here.]]>