Page Plus Closing Ohio Call Center

One of the things many people look for when choosing a wireless carrier is customer support based in the U.S. Until recently, Page Plus was among the few who could make such a boast, and their customer service has been among the best in the industry. However, on Friday, there was a report posted on the Kitty Wireless forums that the Ohio call center for Page Plus will be closed on January 16, 2015. All employees will be laid off and the center completely shut down. This move really isn’t all that surprising, considering that Page Plus was recently acquired by telecommunications giant America Movil–the same company that owns Net10, TracFone, Straight Talk and a few others. America Movil seems to favor offshore call centers, especially those in Latin American countries and the Philippines. I would say that it’s likely that Page Plus consumers will receive the same mediocre (or sometimes less than mediocore) service as the other America Movil companies. Other changes to Page Plus include their 4G LTE throttling increased from less than 3.5 Mpbs to 5 Mbps, as reported by Prepaid Phone News. While 5 Mbps is far better than the speeds recorded when the LTE service launched, it is still far shy of the 10 – 50 Mbps that postpaid consumers enjoy. It might just be me, but the throttling speeds isn’t even half as disappointing as removing U.S. based customer service reps. We’ll have to just wait and see where the company goes… but this is definitely not a good sign.]]>

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