Page Plus Adds Unlimited Data


Since Page Plus was acquired by America Movil, owner of TracFone and Straight Talk (along with several other smaller MVNOs), there haven’t really been all that many changes–and certainly not as many as I expected. Aside from banning flashed phones and closing the Ohio call center, the changes are not too negative. The most recent of those includes the addition of unlimited data to a couple plans. Effective as of Wednesday, Page Plus now is offering unlimited throttled data on their top two plans: the $55 plan and the $69. Both plans still include a ‘fixed’ amount of high speed LTE data, but they also include unlimited throttled data. Prepaid Phone News suggested that the throttled data will likely be similar to other TracFone companies, hitting around the 64kbps snail speed, but nothing has been confirmed for now. As far as ‘fixed’ LTE data, the $55 plan includes 3 GB and the $69 plan will include 5 GB. Page Plus also offers pay as you go plans, and several other tiers of ‘unlimited’ plans, some of which offer international calling. Page Plus is one of the few Verizon MVNOs, and their pricing is a little bit higher because Verizon’s network is one of (if not ‘the’) best in the U.S. For more information about Page Plus plans or other information, check out their website.]]>

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