Page Plus Customers Getting Mandatory Upgrade Notice

Page Plus is a Verizon MVNO which is owned by America Movil, the same company behind Tracfone and StraightTalk. According to reports, its looking like select Page Plus customers are getting notices that their devices will stop working as of April 1, and they must upgrade. At the moment, there is basically nothing but confusion about what, exactly, is going on. No reasons for the mandatory upgrade have been given, and other Verizon prepaid brands haven’t said a word about the issue. If you’re at all savvy in the prepaid business, then you know that America Movil is one of the least trustworthy brands in the industry with a reputation of bad customer service and terrible communication with customers and staff. So, honestly, the confusion is not very surprising. From what I’m gathering, the texts for affected users read: “[your phone]…is not receiving optimal network service from our network partner. In order to avoid further degradation, including full service interruption on April 1st, you will need to replace this device.” The text is then accompanied with a link to a web page from Page Plus, which reiterates the network interruption and offers a coupon or 50% off the retail price of a replacement phone. It may simply be that the network is kicking off non-Page Plus devices, but three weeks isn’t much notice for that and it’s strange there is no explanation. I can’t seem to see much of a pattern in the phones that are affected either. A few phones that users have reported as getting this message include Verizon iPhone 6, Moto G 2nd edition, Verizon Galaxy S5, Verizon LG G Vista, Samsung Galaxy S3, and others. Be sure to check back as I’ll let you know if anything changes or any new information comes to light.]]>

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